Fragstats for Mac OS X

I have updated fragstats to run on Mac OS X
This is only the raster code. I did not port the vector code, as it requires Arc/Info, which does not run on Mac OS X

Note: when running the program, there are error messages that come up (related to memory management). I believe these have do with the current version of the gcc compiler. However, I have tested the output, and it seems correct. Please notify of any problems.

The code can be downloaded here: fragstats-raster-osx.tar.gz

To install, cd to FragstatsRasterOSX directory
type "make -f fragstats.make"
then add directory to path.

This same code works fine on Solaris (and presumably other Unix/Linux versions as well).
To use this on another type of Unix:
cd into the FragstatsRasterOSX directory
type "rm *.o"
type "make -f fragstats.make"
add directory to path

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